Axphast gold

Biotal Axphast gold is a forage inoculant specially formulated for the rapid preservation of wetter grasses (20-30% DM) to ensure the maximum nutritional and digestibility values are achieved.

  • Four strains of bacteria that work together to give a rapid acidification of the forage
  • High enzyme levels to release additional sugars needed for the fermentation and also increase the digestibility value of the grass
  • Antifungal technology added as a safety precaution just in case grass is taken slightly dryer

Axphast gold is fully flexible for both standard and low volume applications (i.e. from between 40ml per tonne to 4 litres per tonne). It should be thoroughly mixed with clean water (add the water to the powder and not vice versa). The pre-mixture is stable for 48 hours once mixed with water.

Sachets sizes to treat 50 or 100 tonnes of fresh weight forage

Product leaflet

You can download this product leaflet by clicking the link below.

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