About us


Maximising the contribution from forage is the foundation of profitable ruminant farming, and is our sole focus.  Biotal a leading brand from Lallemand Animal Nutrition is well respected and instantly recognised in UK and Irish farming because for over 25 years we have:

  • been at the forefront of research into effective preservation and utilisation of forages
  • developed an unrivalled range of crop and condition specific silage inoculants for grass, wholecorp and maize to ensure fast and efficient fermentation and nutrient preservation
  • innovated to produce a uniquely formulated range of rumen specific live yeast farm pack to maintain effective rumen fermentation and digestion
  • provided unequalled levels of technical support, becoming a strategic partner for successful farming businesses
  • built an extensive distribution and support network to ensure farmers have the product when they need it

By doing this we help farmers unleash the value of their forage.

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