Wholecrop gold mill

Biotal Wholecrop gold mill is a forage inoculant specially formulated for the preservation and stability of high dry matter, milled wholecrop cereals (45% – 75% DM).

  • Wholecrop gold mill increases the harvest window for fermented wholecrop
  • Inhibits yeast and fungal mould which improves aerobic stability and reduces heating
  • Breaks down more mature cereal fibre, such as hemicellulose
  • Alternative to urea / acid based preservatives
  • Non-toxic and cost effective biological treatment

Wholecrop gold mill should be applied at 2 litres per tonne of fresh forage using a suitable liquid applicator. It should be thoroughly mixed with clean water (add the water to the powder and not vice versa). The pre-mixture is stable for 48 hours once mixed with water.

Sachets sizes to treat 25 tonnes of fresh weight forage

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