Biotal Solomaize is a forage inoculant specially formulated for the stability of maize silage (above 28% DM).

  • Maize crops generally ferment very quickly because of their low buffering capacity
  • However, they can be susceptible to aerobic deterioration and growth of undesirable yeasts and moulds, which leads to heating clamps and high levels of waste at feedout
  • Solomaize contains the patented L. buchneri 40788 that produces a number of powerful antimicrobial compounds which inhibit yeasts & moulds, thus increasing the aerobic stability during feedout

Solomaize is fully flexible for both standard and low volume applications (i.e. from between 40ml per tonne to 4 litres per tonne). It should be thoroughly mixed with clean water (add the water to the powder and not vice versa). The pre-mixture is stable for 48 hours once mixed with water.

Available in 100tt sachets only.

Product leaflet

You can download this product leaflet by clicking the link below.

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