In the Press

Reduce ammonia and make the most of slurry As seen in British Dairying: With the focus on ammonia emissions intensifying, two businesses in the south west are already taking steps
Act now to make the best use of slurry next spring As seen in Cow Management : Slurry should be seen as a valuable asset and not a waste material according to John Thomas
Late cut grass silages need to balance quality and quantity As seen in Western Morning News : From being seen as something of an added bonus, late cut grass has taken on a whole new
Ensuring maize stability this season As seen in South East Farmer : Making the most of maize will be crucial for achieving sufficient high quality forage this winter.
Fermented wholecrop will help ensure sufficient forage As seen in British Dairying : With first cut disrupted or delayed in many parts of the country, Biotal technical support manager Roy
Crimp cereals deliver fast-growing cattle A system based on big-bale silage and crimped barley is delivering growth rates of 1kg/day at a Cornish contract rearing unit. Eddie Moore from Pinklands